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The Beginning of Awesome

The Beginning of Awesome
March 7, 2018 Crystal Realms

Welcome! This is the beginning of something awesome, we are starting our dev blog!

The plan for this series is simple: Every once in a while we’ll make a post summarising the most awesome things we made since the last post and we call it “Crystal Sum”.

If you like our work, this will be the best place to follow. Here we’ll post about the games we are making, the events we are attending and all the important things, like trailers and launch dates. And of course, our first topic will be this very own blog!

One of the firsts concepts of the Crystal Realms identity.

The Dev Blog

This Dev Blog started on the day 25/02/2018, after a lot of thinking we decided that a dev blog would be a great way to share our work without jeopardising our work time. We are still planning all the details, but we are happy with the decisions we made about this blog.

The Dev Blog is being divided into three pieces. The News, Academy and Blog sections.

Starting with the News sections, this is the place were we’ll be posting about the announcements and news related to our company and projects. As this Summary will be posted on news as well, our plan is to use it as a place to organize and merge the most important things that is going on.

The second part will be the Academy and we’ll be posting about some more complex subjects in there. Things like process of production, concept analysis, systems overview, game postmortem and more will be posted in this section.

In the last sections, The Blog, our posts will be about what we are doing right now, the things we are currently implementing or planning to implement in our projects, the concepts we are chasing, the change logs of our games and much more.

We are still planning what we’ll do about the official Crystal Realms Website, but for now we have decided to left the old website offline and focus our effort in the development and growth of this dev blog.

Getting The Blog Online

First Green Madness full art concept from around 2015.

Green Madness

Here comes a Special Thanks! for everyone that helped us with the approval of Green Madness on Steam Greenlight. Really, Thank You!! Unfortunately we had a few problems with the production of the game and couldn’t finish it yet. It feels like this game already has a very old story with us, it was our first big prototype, the first we really thought about launching.

The first time we had to put it away because the C2(Construct 2) wasn’t being able to deliver the performance we expect, it was really sad. But after a long time we decided to try it again and took the chance with GMS(Game Maker Studio 1). This time the performance was a lot better and we really thought the performance wouldn’t be a problem, everything was going fine, this was the version we made a trailer and put on Greenlight, but out of a blue, the problems with performance began to show again.

Even with Game Maker we were not safe to make the game we really wanted to make, And the performance wasn’t the only thing that was bothering us, after a while working with it, we come to realise that it was a very old engine and even with all the work they made to improve the engine, it was still using a lot of old systems.

This time we didn’t had a choice, we needed to use something new and powerful enough to allow us to make whatever game we want to make. After a lot of thought, we believe to have found a engine that will not let us down, and this engine is UE4(Unreal Engine 4).

On the last few months our focus shifted to learn and aprimorate in the using of UE4(Unreal 4) and now we feel ready to officially start making our games on this new engine.

Unfortunately for the fans, we decided to delay a little longer the launch of the game Green Madness, we are planning to remake it using the UE4(Unreal 4), but while we were studying the engine, we designed a new prototype and we really liked this new game, for this reason we decided to release this game prior to Green Madness, this game is still in the works and his name is Mage Troid.

We really like Green Madness too, and we don’t plan to delay too much it’s development, as soon as Mage Troid is launched, we will begin to work on it. if everything works as planned it shouldn’t take much longer than the beginning of next year for us to have the two games ready and launcheds.

Green Madness Steam Greenlight Trailer

Mage Troid

This new game is also a pixel art 2d game, but this time you will play as a mage invading a mysterious castle full of traps and monsters to beat, it is a mix of a fast paced movement and fast paced combat system with a few puzzles and challenges along the way. And of course, awesome Bosses to fight!

From now on this is our main project on the works, if you liked this synopsis keep an eye on our dev blog we’ll soon be posting more informations about this game.

The Art of Mage Troid – Conception