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We are an entertainment company mainly focused on developing digital Games. If you are interested in our story or team, please go to our About page.
"Francisco Fuhro and Thiago Tesophus Baptista first met while taking a course about digital design and soon started to share their interest in video games, after a few years studying games and prototyping 2D Pixel Art Games, they decided to found the company Crystal Realms Entertainment on 2015... "

"In mid-2013 Francisco brought a new concept to the team and so was born Green Madness.The story revolves around two great friends, Green the human and..."
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This Side

Two people who are lost and afraid, counting only on each other to escape this terrifying experience. This Side is a Co-Op Game where You'll experience the struggles of escaping from an Abandoned Mine in Brazil while facing a fear centric experience around Nyctophobia, Claustrophobia, Ombrophobia and more!

Green Madness

Are you feeling for some action? Do you like shooting in hordes of enemies all day long? A fun character on a comedy horror story? Wanting a game that can challenge you? Then, Green Madness may be what you need!! And of course, Lots of Guns, Power-ups, Skins, Bosses, Stages, Challenges, Achievements and more!
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