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Francisco Fuhro and Thiago Tesophus Baptista first met while taking a course about digital design and soon started to share their interest in video games, after a few years studying games and prototyping 2D Pixel Art Games, they decided to found the company Crystal Realms Entertainment on 2015.
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Their first prototype together was a boss fight between a mage shooting magic balls and a Giant meatball with fangs and wings,  called "Meat Angel".
That prototype inspired them to develop a new idea, this time called Mage of The Colossus. The direction that the idea followed was about a game focused on the story, passing in a medieval period where magic was starting to rise and the humans would have to study and understand this new phenomenon in order to survive.
Meat Angel Art

First piece of concept art drawn by Francisco for 'Meat Angel Fight' project.

At the same time, this new type of energy was also affecting animals and objects and thus making a new type of creature, called "Colossus".
Using the knowledge they learn with construct 2, this new prototype seemed like a continuation of that first game. A "Boss Rush" game, with the main character being a mage using a red robe that can shoot energy balls and create magic shields using his staff, facing several Colossus, such as a Giant Bird named Horus, a Giant Mantis named Mantis, and a Rock Elemental named Afflite.
The beginning of magic

First Concept Art of the lands affected by the mysterious magic crystals. By Francisco Fuhro 2014


This was the moment Francisco and Thiago started to think about Crystal Realms. In this world, the magic was being generated from crystals, which inspired the company idea alongside the whole concept of magic and mages.
As the project was being developed, the story was getting richer, bigger and more complex. To a point where the only logical solution would be to separate the game into a trilogy.
At that time, with new game ideas arising and the crystals being a recurring idea on the stories, icons, and interfaces, the name Crystal Realms seemed like a perfect fit.
Soon they realized that the project scope was too big to be made with a team of two persons and decided to go to a new direction.
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Green and friends


In mid-2013 Francisco brought a new concept to the team and so was born Green Madness. The story revolves around two great friends, Green the human and Oz the little devil, trying to save the world in a fun Action Horror Story.

After a few months of development on Construct 2, Crystal Realms Started the online beta in Chrome Web Store on May 10th, 2014. The game was updated for several months and even had a Halloween Event in October. But before the year came to an end, Green Madness would face his biggest challenge. The project had become too complex for Construct 2 to handle, and Crystal Realms had no choice besides freezing the project.
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Crystal Realms passed the next years studying and developing other prototypes, until 2017 where Green Madness would see his comeback with a new engine, Game Maker Studio 1. This new version was developed for around 6 months, reaching almost the same state as the original version and this work brought a few new features to the game as Crystal Realms had time to test and improve the design of the game. By that time, Green Madness was put and approved through the process of Steam Greenlight.
Advancing on the project it was clear that Game Maker Studio 1 contained certain bugs that undermined the Crystal Realms plan of launching Green Madness on Consoles and Mobiles. With that in mind, Crystal Realms decided to freeze the project again, and a new engine needed to be found. After a few tests with Unreal Engine 4, the production of Green Madness was resumed.
Crystal Realms developed this version as the main project for three months until they realized that they lacked some knowledge and devoted their efforts to acquire that knowledge. Green Madness is currently being developed as a secondary project and you can find more information on its Landing Page. 
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In mid-2018, while Francisco was attending a FilmMaking School, he brought the knowledge he learned and the company soon started to do other audiovisuals besides games.
Since Francisco always loved to make trailers and VFX, and our company was already composing and mixing music and SFX for our games, it was a natural expansion for the company to produce clips and short films.
In 2020 a partnership was formed with Lucas Maia, a Film Director and Cinematographer, so the company started to expand even more in the audiovisual scene.


Francisco Fuhro
Lucas Maia
Film Director/ Cinematographer
Thiago Tesophus
Gabo Katona
Philippe Heuseler