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Can i stream or post footage about your games on Youtube/Twitch or similar site and monetize the footage?

R: Yes. You can use the gameplay footage you record in anyway you like, including monetize it.

Can I make an Awesome Content featuring your company or one of your games?

R: Of Course! Feel free to feature us in any way you like, but don't forget to let us know about your awesome content. Please fill one of our forms explaining what you are planning to do, if possible, we'll try to do our best in helping you making the content even more awesome. We also reserve the right to ask you for changes on anything that may compromise our brand.

I want to do a review or some awesome content featuring one of your games, may I have a key?

R: Sure, go to our contacts page and fill our form requesting a key. Make sure to send us some information about who you are and what you are planning to do with the key.

Is there a Wiki about Crystal Realms and it's games?

R: Not yet, but we are already planning to make a wiki for Crystal Realms and other wikis for each of our games.

Where can I submit a bug report?

R: For now, we are receiving bug reports via our e-mail, bugs@crystalrealms.xyz, or you can send us a message by filling the proper form on our contact page. Soon we'll have a forum or something like that as another possible way to handle our bug reports.

When your next games will launch?

  • This Side Steam Early Access will launch on 15/05/2019.
  • Mori and the Whisper is planned to launch before the end of 2019.
  • Green Madness doesn't have a release date yet.