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The set is a supernatural world on the mood of an Action Horror and the play is a Shooter closed on a Arena while hordes of enemies are coming. And of course, the arena is also your enemy. Play as Green on this world of madness and prove to everyone that you can shoot your way through any challenge.


Crystal Realms Entertainment is currently developing the game Green Madness using Unreal Engine 4.
Green madness is set on a supernatural world with the tone of an Action Horror and played as a Closed Arena Shooter, with hordes of enemies coming your way!  Play as Green in this world of Madness and prove that you can shoot your way out of any challenge.


Welcome to Corrupted Lands a place where hordes of skeletons await you! Miasma surrounds the entire map and skeletons are falling from the sky!

The destruction of one of the temple's artifacts triggers a devastating evasion from the hell gate of sins! Now is time to fix that condemned world!! Follow the story of two great friends, Green the human and Oz the little devil, trying to save the world in a fun Action Horror Story.
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Green is a nice guy that loves adrenaline and is always facing dangerous situations, but that's not a problem at all, he is very optimistic and always manage to have a lot of fun while facing these challenges. And of course, when Green's luck isn't enough, he can count with the support of his friend Oz, with anything he needs. 
Even though the world is in a state of madness, Green has no fear in his mind. On the contrary, he is only thinking about the fun in using his arsenal of Weapons to defeat any enemy that crosses his way.

  • Get immersed in a world themed with supernatural and horror set
  • Face several hordes of enemies and survive to tell the tale
  • Prove yourself by defeating the scariest Bosses
  • Survive the increasing difficulty that the changes on the stages bring
  • Master Guns and Melee Weapons, on challenging situations
  • Earn lots of coins and buy the most awesome skins and add-ons to customize Green’s appearance
  • Claim achievements to show everyone you truly mastering the game
  • and lot’s more!


  • Simple and fun looped action going regularly from quiet to tense and scary
  • Dynamic events on stages
  • Dynamic Lights
  • Original Soundtrac
  • Boss Rush Mode
  • Local Versus Mode
  • +300 Achievements
  • +50 Skins and Addons
  • +10 Weapons
  • Game powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • Full Controller Support
  • Cloud Saving Support


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