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Moriand the Whisper

As the wind blows, the Whisper follows trawling a path of adventure in an exciting play of run and catch with a fierce boy named Mori that keeps chasing his glowing friend through a never-ending journey.
They face thorns and holes, find keys and friends, always following the flow to the next adventure, never stopping seeking for the unexpected, even facing a world of mystery, never getting stopped by any challenge, always having fun as children playing.
• Fable-driven Game

• Charismatic Characters

• Fast Paced Immersive Gameplay

• Casual Reaction Puzzles

• Relaxing

• Easy to Learn and Hard to Master

• Original Soundtrack

• Lots of Levels

• Endless Mode

• Simple Controls

• Several Types of Challenges

• Collect Arts and Short Stories About The Lore


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